Your WAN IP Address is

What is a WAN IP Address

WAN IP address – it is your global, external IP address. WAN IP address is IP address in WAN (Wide Area Network). In other words, it is your IP address in the Internet. If you have a Dinamic IP, then your WAN IP address will change from time to time. If you have a Static IP, then your WAN IP address will remain the same all the time (usually much better, if you want to run the game, network, or FTP).

WAN Network ( Wide Area Network ) is a computer network that covers large territory (ie, any network whose communications combine whole metropolis, region or even state and include dozens, hundreds or even millions of computers ) For comparison, the Personal Network, LAN ( Local area network ), Campus Network ( Campus area network, CAN ) or Metropolitan area network ( Metropolitan area network, MAN) do not usually go beyond the rooms, buildings, campus or specific metropolitan area (ie city).